Putting Health at the Heart of Climate Action | Davos 2023 | World Economic Forum

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Climate change has a direct impact on physical and mental health, with more than half of known infectious diseases worsened by rising temperatures and 20 million individuals displaced each year as a result of weather-related events.
What steps are needed to place health at the heart of climate action and protect individuals globally?

Oh, the migration issues are from weather not war. Huh. I had no idea. Glad these folks are setting the record straight. SMH! And the mental health impact isn't from terrifying kids by telling them the world is going to end in their lifetime. Nope. That's not it. Huh. I had no idea. Glad these folks are setting the record straight. SMH Again!

But, let's have an open mind and see if these folks can convince me here.

1:07ish "Any sector that fails becomes a health problem"

I can see that. Okay. Keep going.....

Natural disasters cause health crisis. Absolutely. Welcome to Earth. Can leadership mitigate the effects, of course. So let's see where they go with this. Because if they go where they should, I will actually be in agreement with these folks. Hurricanes cause major sanitation and potable water issues. The recent earthquake in Turkey is an example where world leadership can prevent further suffering by providing aid and support. Let's see if this is what they say.

Nope. Diseases are emerging on the African islands because of climate change but he just said it is due to modern travel and tourism. The people on those islands are no longer isolated. Now, everyone knows that isolated communities do not have natural immunity to communicable diseases that they have never been exposed to before. So....the results are obvious. DUH!

I am only 3 minutes in. Should I even bother to watch this?

Oh, he says something worth taking note of!!! Like right after. He says:

" Now, we in the public health space, we have to intrude into all other spaces so that the failure of others does not become our problem. We will be accused of stepping on people's toes and walking into areas that are not our jurisdiction. But if we don't do it, then we'll have a lot more work to do."

Remember those posts I did about the CDC over stepping and getting into other areas of our lives and how it's not their job!! OH!!!! I see.

So it's not give up your freedom for safety anymore. It's give up your freedom for health now. Like we haven't already noticed this but this video is confirmation of this.

6:10ish "The climate crisis is very clearly a health crisis."

"Rapid action on climate change is necessary if we're going to protect human health"

So here is the list of health impacts they give and you evaluate their facts for yourself:

  1. Increase in climate-related infectious diseases.

  2. Premature deaths - air pollution, excess heat or other sources

  3. Food scarcity

  4. Increasing threats to mental health and well being. I assume she means not caused by confusion indoctrination in the educational sector or psychotropic drugs being prescribed to children for years on end. Or the children witnessing war and extreme violence around the world.

7:01 Health related deaths in the most vulnerable (the very young and very old) increased by almost 70% over the last four years compared with the four years beginning in 2000.

um.....so.....we chose a window of 4 years that include 3 years of medical homicide and neglect with mRNA protein poisoning and compared that to a 4 year window 20 years ago and that tells us what? That climate change is killing people the last 4 years? You know I have a headache already listening to this don't you?

She actually follows this up with this being the reason why climate change is connected to health.
WOW. Illogical unscientific wackadoodle.

7:30 If England and Wales were to meet their greenhouse gas emissions targets, it would save over 2 million life years between now and 2050. Stop it! Stop laughing! I am just telling you what the lady says.

"Like John Kerry said yesterday, there are a number of opportunities for us to double down and make sure we meet those targets. " I assume John was referring to tyranny here. Like banning appliances and our ability to heat our homes with wood or whatever we need.

8:16 So the potential is huge to promote health. To have co-benefits for changes that improve the climate and also improve health.

Yup, this is the new global message. Health scares work so they are sticking with it. Climate lockdowns anyone? To save your life just like last time.


9:17ish Be sure that everybody knows that this is a crisis of Public Health. (Here comes those emergency public health powers again!)

10:43 Looking across all sectors, the current economic model doesn't work. Recommends a systems transformation. Huh. Sounds like.....A......great.....reset. ESG. Stakeholder capitalism.

11:25 Talks about increases in diseases and she lists some mosquito vectored diseases. LOL. You know, like Zika. Remember that strain in Florida (lab made. Just look at the quantum leap mutations - 4 major ones). Release of GMO mosquitos to boot. But no, this is all fine, it's climate change we need to be concerned with. Oh I don't know if I can listen to much more.

11:58 they bring in vaccines and therapeutics as part of preparedness for climate change impacting health. Naturally. Then this dude goes on about decarbonizing health care. Focusing on Preventative Care because sick people use a lot of carbon generating resources like transportation to and from clinics and hospitals, medical supplies and so on. Vaccination is a big part of this he says. ( so will euthanasia in the future let me tell you)

Health hazards of air pollution - everyone agrees on innovation to have cleaner air and water. Most people are onboard with this. Their corporate buddy friends should already be doing this not preaching to me about my meat consumption and pushing Luciferian values of confusion and chaos in their commercials and Ads.

30:21ish Innovate locally. He's referring, I believe, to that hyper-community focus I have shown you before. They need their solutions readily available and in our face everywhere we turn. Otherwise, we don't participate. We ignore them.

So buckle up folks. Another invisible enemy out to get ya and an excuse for global tyranny.

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One more thing!!!

Sick people create more carbon because of all the car trips they make to their medical "care!" Setting the need for euthanasia, to protect others. They make us sick, they make us crazy, they make tons of money on these, then they make more money by making us dead. Who the Eff is believing these people? Do they even believe themselves?

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Exactly on all counts!

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infectious diseases worsened by rising temperatures

did they offer any proof of that statement, or is it yet another of their very many assumptions?

Do you know of Judith Curry? I was just introduced to her work via a post of @rycharde's yesterday.

crisis of public health and crisis of equity.

What crisis of health? YOu mean the one where everyone, rich and poor alike, are dying of diseases introduced into human bodies via pharmaceutical products? No. Not that one. Don't look at that one, look at this illusory one we are feeding you now.

Pharma has a crucial role to play.

lol. Do not go to drug pushers for health care.

OK I've had enough. Good for you, stomaching the whole thing.

I think all these speeches were written by AI, they all say the same damn inane things.