I just dished out those coconuts! 🥥 These are my curated posts of the day! 👓📖

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G'day all you bloody beautiful Blurtarians! ☕

If your post is listed here, congratulations!

You have recieved a coconutty upvote! 🥥

Curated by me! Today, I really threw around with those coconuts!!!

I have a lot of good posts, that you can check out today!

I curate with a 30% vote, that is roundabout 30 BLURTS that I dish out. That way, I can spread the votes amongst more bloggers without draining the votepower too much.

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I really do my best to curate manually and I take a look at the posts, but of course I miss a lot of awesome bloggers here on Blurt. Every day new bloggers are joining Blurt and I can't possibly find them all...

So if you know a good blogger here, please leave me a message in the comments and I will review it!

Please use the comments section to nominate new awesome bloggers!!!

DO NOT endorse yourself - That sucks and I will ignore it...

Hey ho, let's go! I dished out those coconuts! 🥥

These are my curated posts of the day:

Curation Report

@blurttribeGuess the Word and Win Blurt #191 ! 40 Blurt Reward
@mdriartPortrait drawing of a little girl by graphite pencil
@mtravelSpring is coming. Are the buds putting on fur for the hard frosts? - My Actifit Report Card: February 7 2023
@andriannaWe finally went on a long-awaited vacation.
@hanginMydailypost #187 - Pattaya-Jomtien View Talay Condo Views.
@lightsplasherMy Actifit Report Card: February 7 2023
@cosmicboy123Fotorgrafías de amaneceres en Yucatán Parte 2
@onchain-curatorMid-week update on OCC'S share and earn contest.
@kryptodenno5000 BlurtPower - Delegation Raffle / Delegationsverlosung #850 (incl. Winner of #842)
@baibouaRed Lanterns and Cute Bears: A Photographic Journey!
@drutterA.I. isn't artificial, but it's produced by humans... for now.
@cryptopieI'm proud of what my young niece is doing because she is in a business of online selling ༺♔༻ Estoy orgullosa de lo que hace mi joven sobrina porque se dedica a la venta en línea
@zo3dWhat’s in Season?
@zulmaA small orchard. ESP-ENG
@usagigallardo15Blurtphoto - Color Challenge "Orange"
@ecosynthesizerECS Curation Report ! February 07, 2023, 15:32:34
@bechibennerMein Goldwaschblog - Mal eben bisschen Gold sortiert // My gold panning blog - Just a little bit of gold sorted (DEU/ENG)
@mein-senf-dazuHivegadgets.com New feature in progress - Neues Feature in Arbeit
@jerrybanfieldI Bought 69 Decentraland MANA Today! I'll Be A Crypto Millionaire in the Metaverse Soon!
@jlphotographyPhotos for the official candidate for the Carnival of Maturin 2023,Emily Peñaranda.
@arabisouriLavrov: Western Dominance of the World is Fading Away
@leifasaurA new years to remember
@hornet-on-tour📷 [Animal photography] The Great Grey Owl - Der Bartkauz 📷
@zpznDigital paintings... (3D art #703)

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