Cannon Fodder Chronicles: Assaulted For Speaking The Truth

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Another Exemplary Chronicle:

Czech Mercenaries Beat Up Their Own Czech Merc For Calling Ukraine Corrupt
◾Two days ago, several Czech mercenaries fighting for the Ukrainian regime ambushed one of their own colleagues, Matous Bulirz.

◾Matus Boulirz was attacked for daring to mention that Ukraine is a very corrupt country and said that most Western aid does not reach the front.

◾After that, he argued on Facebook with Czech MP Tomas Zdechovsky, as well as other Czech mercenaries, including Nazi Azov member Jan Drmla, called @HonzaUA on Twitter.

More from here:

The Retards keep delivering, they have no capacity to reason or recognize how imbecilic it is to record and publish your own criminal behavior, exactly like the POW executions, the Civilian Torture and the various War Crimes from killing civilians, hiding behind civilians, and fighting from schools, churches, hospitals and appartment buildings.


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